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Kumara during the initial soaking periodKumara during the initial soaking period

Computerized graderComputerized grader

Finished product ready to shipFinished product ready to ship

Computerized graderComputerized grader

Soak tankSoak tank

Searching Kumara for defectsSearching Kumara for defects

Fresh Produce

Freshly harvested or stored kumara are delivered to the pack house daily throughout the year. The kumara are tipped into a tank of water and commence a wash process traveling from the water tank up to a row of rotating brushes which they flow over and dirt is removed. While this takes place they are continually being sprayed with water. As this process comes to an end they pass through a dryer on to a grading table where they are graded into various sizes. All defect inspection is done by hand while product grading is computerized by weight and the end product is also check weighed.

The product which is not selected for the domestic/international fresh market due to size, shape or colour is placed into bins and labeled as Processing.

The company employes a sales and marketing manager to place product throughout New Zealand on a daily basis through the use of various markets, these markets are situated throughout the country where individual buyers can then purchase and pick up their supply of kumara each day.

All inquiries regarding fresh product should be directed to our Dargaville office. See our contact details.